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Tuesday Tailrunners

For each Tuesday night, two club members are assigned as tailrunners - one for the 4 mile route and one for the 6 mile route. We encourage members to volunteer as tailrunners by selecting the relevant option when joining the club. The schedule of tailrunners is in the table below. If you are unable to make the date you have been assigned, please arrange a swap.


1) The tail runner is there to ensure the safety of our members and that no one gets left behind.

2) You should familiarise yourself with the route (including whether clockwise or anti-clockwise). Ensure you know the route and if possible download it to your Garmin or Strava (please bring your phone). If there are discrepancies between the map and the written description highlight to the committee member who is making the pre-run announcements. As part of the pre-run announcements the committee member should remind any one who decides not to return to the Union to let a member of their group know. Ensure you have the phone number of a committee member who is running that evening.

3) You should run at the back of the group (or keep looping back if you want to keep a check on those at the front).

4) At the end of the session ensure no one has dropped behind you but you are not responsible for anyone who is late back because they have taken the wrong route. It is each runner’s personal responsibility to run the published route.

5) Although we encourage you to assist if someone becomes unwell or is injured this is not your responsibility. In this event please phone a committee member who is present that evening. However, in this situation we would encourage you to use common sense (without putting yourself at risk). If you are uncertain about the severity of an injury always err on the side of caution and call an ambulance.

6) Please report any trips, slips or falls to our Welfare Officer (Alison McNeilly 07813767190)

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