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Training Advice

This section is a work in progress. The below is a small sample of resources that might help you. We will be expanding this in the near future and would welcome content from members regarding how they train, experiences with particular training plans/styles etc., as well as any resources they find useful.


Advanced Marathoning - Pete Pfitzinger

80/20 Running - Matt Fitzgerald

Daniels Running Formula - Jack Daniels

Running with Lydiard - Lydiard & Gilmour

The Lore of Running - Tim Noakes

Youtube channels:

The Running Channel - Contributors range from average runners to parkrun world record holder Andy Baddeley

Philly Bowden - Aspiring olympian. Light-hearted/fun mixed in with more serious content

Ben Parkes - Training advice and race experiences ranging from parkrun to ultramarathons

Jog on with Harry Morgan - Some training advice, but the focus is on race experiences + helping people achieve goals

Stephen Scullion - 2:09 marathoner and olympian. Does get fairly technical.

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