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Runners' Q&A


Steve Peters

Favourite event/distance: Marathon

Current PB – 2:57:41

Future Goals: Sub 2:50 marathon, gulp!

How do think you’ll achieve that? Come to Thursday club sessions more, eat a bit more sensibly and then just hope for the best.

Preferred training session: Anything but short intervals! Probably a 6-8 mile tempo run

Favourite post run snack: Coffee and cake after training, banana and chocolate milk after racing.

Favourite runner – Haile Gabrselassie, makes it look so easy.

What’s the best training habbit you have? – I’m very competitive

What’s the worst training habbit you have? – I’m very competitive

Most stupid thing you’ve done during a run – I once did a solo long run up the Lochnagar munros after work one summer. All was fine until I went over my ankle. It was a long 7 mile hobble back to the car. My mobile phone could not get a signal and nobody knew where I was.  Had I seriously hurt myself I would have been in big trouble. Lesson learned - Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.

Biggest running achievement - The 2015 Boston Marathon was pretty special and going sub 3 hours for the first time was the icing on the cake. That probably remains my best achievement on paper but my favourite experience was undoubtedly the Eiger Ultra 51k which I did in 2015 also. 32 miles and over 11,000 feet of climbing through the Swiss Alps made for a truly incredible experience. And no fretting over mile splits was bliss!


Funniest DRR moment - I once wore two different shoes for a 1 mile race in Kirkcaldy. I only noticed afterwards…it didn’t seem to do me any harm!




Lynne Gibson

Favourite event/distance: Half Marathon and Marathon

Current PB – 1:35:22 and 3:46:09

Future Goals: Sub 3:40 marathon

How do think you’ll achieve that?  Training 5 days per week with a good 8 mile tempo run at club on Tuesdays and the Thursday club session

Preferred training session: Sunday long runs

Favourite post run snack: Ready salted crisps with a chocolate protein drink

Favourite runner – Growing up I was inspired by Yvonne Murray and Liz McColgan

What’s the best training habbit you have?  Sticking to the training plan

What’s the worst training habbit you have? Not stopping until the Garmin is at 6 miles etc - running up and down the street has been known.

Most stupid thing you’ve done during a run – twisted my ankle and continued running - did get a PB but was then out for 2 weeks!


Biggest running achievement - Getting sub 4 hours for the first time at the New York Marathon


Funniest DRR moment - Being stuck in mud with Abby on a trail run in the dark and a cow getting very close to us - oh and everyone left us!!





Simon Knox

Favourite event/distance: Marathon

Current PBIn recent times, 3:35 but when I was much younger I ran London Marathon in 1992 in 2 hrs 46


Future Goals: Sub 3:00 marathon again.  At 52 I reckon I can probably get faster for about another 3 years.  I like to Think Big!


How do think you’ll achieve that? – Good mix of mileage and quality speed work, and hopefully staying injury free.


Preferred training session: I love Short Reps but my favourite run is a 10-12 mile run on flat country roads on a warm summer’s evening


Favourite post run snack: I’m Irish, so it has to be a Pint of Guinness

Favourite runnerSteve Jones from the past and more recently, Mo Farah


What’s the best training habit you have? – Keeping a detailed log of my weekly runs and challenging myself against others on Strava


What’s the worst training habit you have? – I eat too many chocolate biscuits and don’t drink enough water and I should stretch more before and after runs.


Most stupid thing you’ve done during a run – Dashing across the road in front of cars, just about every day!



Your biggest running achievement : Has to be my London marathon time back in 1992 but 4 marathons in one month in 2016 is right up there, not so much for the challenge itself, but more that I managed to raise £2000 for a really worthwhile local charity.


Funniest DRR moment : Probably the night Elaine disappeared up to her thighs in mud on a Monday night trail run one time up on Lundie Crags - sorry Elaine

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