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Galaxy Runs 2022-23

The 2022-23 Galaxy series proved popular with 91 runners running at least one event (up from 78 the previous year). As always everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with lots of chat pre- and post- race. One person ran all 6 events and a further 6 ran 5 events and volunteered at one. In general the elements were kind with little rain or ice, no snow and not too much wind.

There were some fast times – fastest female Mairi Littleson 32.05, fastest male David Webster 25.50, but the course records set in March 2022 remained in place – a challenge for next year (how things might have been different if David hadn’t taken a wrong turning in November – a problem if you have no one to follow).

However, the challenge of these runs is not to be first but for runners of all abilities to beat their own previous best time in the current season. On a total of 101 occasions this was achieved and a coveted Galaxy bar won. There was a dip in numbers of Galaxies won in January which may have been due to festive excesses or perhaps everyone was just fed up with chocolate. Special mention must be made of Fiona Dutch whose times for 5 runs were remarkably consistent with only 9 seconds separating her fastest and slowest, unfortunately these were in the wrong order to win a Galaxy.

With lighter nights and better weather on the way the next Galaxy series seems a long way off but come Autumn when the nights are drawing in again it might be something to look forward to.

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