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Bertha Park Trail Race - Laura McLean

In February I did the inaugural Bertha Park Trail Run in Perth. I'm not the biggest fan of trail, I like nice smooth tarmac, but I said I'd do it to keep some of my Jog Scotland group company.

There's a 5k or 10k option, both distances start together with a split about 2k in. It starts at the back of the new housing development, with parking, registration and toilets at the nearby High School.

Although we'd had dry weather for the week beforehand there were still some good patches of squelchy, shoe-stealing mud and a few tree roots to watch out for.

The second half of the 5k route goes round the perimeter of a field, but it was well signposted and marshalled, handy when you're a back of the pack runner!

With it being a relatively small entry pool, the compere at the finish made a big deal of shouting every participants name out as they approached the finish line, and the medal was a bespoke wooden one, similar to the Perth 10k one.

A good selection of home baking at the end hit the spot, and this would be a good first trail race for someone, as well as challenging those who are more acquainted with mud!

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