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club standards

club standards
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05 April 2016

The Standards Award Scheme

Earning a Club Standard is an impressive but manageable achievement for many runners in the club. The standards are set against British Athletics standards, and earning one represents good all-round running.  The standards are there to give runners an incentive to improve their race times and they are also a useful training tool to monitor progress.  We award Club Standards at the AGM yearly, based on races run during the previous calendar year.  

How it works

The Standards are age-graded, making it fairer for all members to try for them.  Your age category is your age on race day.  Therefore, if your birthday means you change category part way through a year, races run before your birthday must meet the standards of the lower age category, but the next age category standards apply to times achieved after your birthday.

There are 6 distances from which to choose and to qualify for a standard you must complete at least 4 of them.  

We will try to keep a note of everyone who earns a standard, but it is your responsibility to check if you have achieved one.

For full information, please download the Club Standards PDF. 

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