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Dates for your Diary

The dates for the 2015 DRR races are as follows:

Spring H'cap - 7th April
John McInally - 12th May
Templeton Trail - 5th June (permit needed)
Twin Peaks - 23rd June
Auchterhouse Hill race - 20th August
Autumn H'cap - 3rd September
Templeton 10 Mile - 1st November


Our races are open to everyone, but only club members will be eligible for prizes. The Templeton Trail and Templeton 10 races are our big events which are open for entries and prizes for everyone. We always appreciate the help we get from members to put on these races, and they couldn't happen without the help of our club members... so put them in your diaries!

Tuesday night rota

As discussed at the AGM, we are going to start having a beginners' runner/ tail runner on Tuesday nights. The majority of people at the AGM said they would be happy to take their turn with this. Here is the rotafor the first three months. Please check the rota when it is put up, as I will just go through the membership list so that everyone has a turn. If I pick you and you can't make that date or really don't want to do it, let me know and we can change it. I'm giving you plenty of notice so that hopefully people can plan for the night they've been asked to do.


Date Tail Runner
10 Bob
17 Elaine
24 John
31 Lynne
7 Spring Handicap
14 Matty
21 Gillian
28 Simon
5 Clatto run
12 Elaine
19 Peter Derrick
26 Scott James
2 Clatto run
9 Steve Peters
16 Dave Stewart
23 Jennifer Massie
30 Alison Mcintosh

Tour de Tayside

As you all know, our club multi-stage run is happening this Sunday, 16th August. It is 34.5 miles in total, with 5 legs. The whole route is on road so you can run or cycle (or do a bit of both). The run will be starting at 8am. We will have start times for each leg, so that if one leg takes longer than expected, the next runners will just start, to save people waiting around. The start/finishes are all cafes, allowing those finishing to have a coffee and refreshments post-run. 
We are using this as an opportunity to help support Brian Dunbar's collection for Ninewells Wards 10&32. We are suggesting a £2 minimum donation, which will be collected on the day and passed on to Brian.
Each leg will follow in separate posts, please indicate which leg you wish to do. This is open to all runners not just DRR members so feel free to share.


Leg 1 - 8am Riverside
Leg 2 - 9.40 Piperdam
Leg 3 - 10.25am Tayside Forestry
Leg 4 - 11.25am Speckled Hen
Leg 5 - 12.15 Sainsburys front door

Route details are available on Garmin Connect: ROUTE LEG 1 LEG 2 LEG 3 LEG 4 LEG 5

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