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What To Wear

This can make or break your training run or race. Everyone will have their own personal preference on what to wear and how much to wear but listed below are some things to take into consideration before heading out:

  • ·       Invest in a good quality pair of running shoes. Ideally you should have had your running gait checked so you are wearing a suitable shoe for you. This can be done locally at Run4it or Sweatshop. Once you have your shoes break them in gently and don’t do a long run in them until they feel comfortable. Many runners often invest in 2 pairs of road shoes. As you progress, you may wish to add trail shoes and fell shoes if your wardrobe space allows.
  • ·       Use appropriate running t-shirts and shorts. Garments made for other sports may restrict your movement and may not be as comfortable.
  • ·       During winter, consider wearing running tights/leggings and additional upper layers.
  • ·       Be visible. If it’s dark wear a high-vis top/jacket and wear a headtorch if appropriate.
  • ·       Most road races don’t have mandatory running kit. Some hill races do. If you intend running hill races it is worth checking mandatory kit lists. For example, only certain types of waterproofs are allowed if bad weather is expected.
  • ·       Beware of chaffing. If this is an issue don’t forget to use Vaseline/plasters.
  • ·       If you are running on your own be sure to tell someone where you are going just in case something goes wrong. It is often a good idea to take a mobile phone with you, providing this can be strapped comfortably to you while you are running.
  • ·       For longer trail/hill runs wearing a bumbag or race vest to store food, water, extra clothing etc is advised.

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