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Irene Gibson

I have always enjoyed running probably because my Dad was a Scottish Cross Country champion and an Olympic runner but if I took to the streets in the 60s and 70s I would have been considered a bit weird.



When running became popular in Dundee I started training at age 44 and after running a few times round Gillburn Park and the Kingsway I felt I was ready for my first half marathon which I did at Arbroath in 1984. I was in for a shock as it took me 2hours and 20 mins (with many stops) to complete. It was here that I met Dave Roy and he invited me along to Dundee Roadrunners and gave me lots of support and encouragement. All the club members were so friendly and helpful.  I met Val Fyall at the club and we have been friends ever since and still run together today even though I trail a bit behind.


The club gave me motivation and improved my running immensely and I went on to run numerous marathons, half marathons and 10ks and was proud to run for Scottish Vets International Cross Country Championships Over 50s category.


My favourite half marathon was Inverness. The club organised buses to attend and there was a social evening after the race and everyone had a good time.


I have fond memories of the holiday I went with the club to Wurzburg, Dundeeís twinning city where we competed in a race and received warm hospitality and friendship from the Germans during our stay. I believe they still keep in contact with some of the club members.


The training runs with the club took us all over Dundee and we covered miles of countryside in the summer. Some of the noted characters were Sam Connelly, famous for his jokes on the run getting everyone in stitches whilst struggling for breath. Then there was the hard task master Charlie Anderson who put us through our paces with his quality training and not forgetting Frank Clark who thought that a warm up was circling his big toes (without removing his trainers) There are many more, too numerous to mention.


I had good times at the Dundee Roadrunners and I appreciated the coaching and training I received which improved my confidence and performance which helped me in all my achievements.

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