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Ron McGill (Past Chairman DRR)

You are capable of completing a marathon in 3hrs 30mins. This was the conclusion of a fitness test conducted by the University of Dundee before my first attempt at the Dundee marathon back in 1983. I never achieved that time in my two and only road marathons, neither of which I enjoyed. 



Twenty five years and 28,000 miles later having taking part in most road and off road events in Scotland has proved that road marathons are only a small part of the experience and memories that running in all its forms can offer.


Dundee Roadrunners Club and its members have contributed to many of these memories and experiences. The Coast to Coast run/cycle in 2000, the Sidlaws Skyline and the Anniversary Relays particularly stand out as events the Club should be proud of. Their success in my opinion comes from the level of participation, and that they inspired members of all abilities to step out their comfort zone, and challenge themselves.


Do I have any running achievements? If I have encouraged members to explore their full potential as athletes and opened their eyes to the beauty of running in the hills then my short term as Chairman was worthwhile. One of the greatest assets of Dundee Roadrunners is the fact that members are prepared to give generously of their time to encourage others. When you derive a lot from running or any other activity, helping others is not a burden but something positive you want to share.              


Dundee Roadrunners is a unique club, it is not just a collection of runners, but a family of genuinely good people who go out of their way to help others share in the benefits of running. Thank you DRR for making my life a much richer experience.


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