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Gerard Savage

I had only been running for a couple of years when I joined Dundee Road Runners in 2006. I had started running at lunchtime to get out of the office and gradually progressed to the 'big' 10ks and half marathons such as the Glasgow Half Marathon. I had decided to try for a marathon and knew I had to pick up my training, and a friend from work, Mike MacNamara, had mentioned he had just joined the club. I tagged along with him one night in darkest winter for Thursday night training. I suffered for it the next day. 


Mike had a series of bad knee injuries and eventually had to stop running, but I had the bug by then and became a regular each Thursday for the next few months. The club was really welcoming - I have never been particularly fast but didn't feel out of my depth and you never get anything but encouragement on those Thursday sessions. It was great to run with a group as well, you always pushed a little bit more with people around you. I still think that the Thursday night sessions are the best way to start with the club because you are always around other members for the whole night.


I eventually started running on both club nights. There is a masochistic streak in most runners that seem to enjoy those cold, wet winter runs during December!  Particularly when you are running with someone else who is getting as wet and cold as you. Nothing like complaining about the weather and/or route to a team of runners when you have finished. This is one of the best things about the club: its the friends you make in the club


Running with the club has meant I've done racing events I would never have considered before - races that I'd previously considered only for 'proper' runners. I've run in the Cateran Trail & Devil's Burden (team events, so great fun - when they are finished), and done some of the Fife AC Series.


My favourite races:-


Loch Ness Marathon: one of the best organized events I've been on


Kinross 10k: a fast and scenic route, and more importantly, close to home.


Dundee Road Runners has been great for me in meeting some great people, getting (slightly) fitter and faster, and taking part in some fun days out with the club.


The longer you are at the club, the more you appreciate the amount of work that goes into organising the club events and just keeping the club ticking over. From the big club events like the Templeton Road Race to the fun events like Twin Peaks, to planning the routes and training that we do each week, itís easy just to turn up and run without realising the planning that has gone into place to make it happen. So a big thanks to Ged & Gill, Morag, Charlie and Erwan (and everyone else involved) and for the effort they put in each week.

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