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Erwan Ansquer

Dear all,


I was asked to write a few words on my impressions at the club and any stories I would like to mention ( having been promoted to a top position in the club†!! ) - Sorry I havenít got any†: for most of the time it has been boring running. I have met lots of runners and it has been great. OK, here are a few impressions†:


1- Never would I have thought a club could provide so much support to all runners. Because, letís face it, as far as I am concerned, Dundee Roadrunners has always appealed to me as open to everyone and thatís what makes it so special. I was driving one evening when runs started in Lochee, along Strathmartine Road, up Caird avenue and along Clepington Road and you could see runners spread over at least 1 mile, an amazing picture.  Everybody is there, running at their own pace and level. Nobody should feel excluded or lower down due to their ability.  I keep trying to encourage people to come and join the fun, no matter their level but some tell me they think they would be laughed at.  For all the years I have been at the club, I have never seen anyone being ridiculed  because of their ability or anything else. It just wouldnít be right. And also, you learn so much about the sport in general, and about your real fitness. We all know that alone, you hide the miles and times and get a different picture. At the club, you decide your runs, either giving yourself a challenge or taking a quiet one, but you know the distance and the times youíll achieve. 


2- One of my first memories from the club was an outing with Charlie, who told me his trick to help when running uphill ñ count with the fingers on your hands (you know what I mean!) ñ and funnily enough a few weeks ago, on a Thursday night, many years after Iíd heard it for the first time, he started talking about his trick - some things never change! Well, I suppose running is the same year after year.


3- I would like to say a few words in memory of Gus Hunter who is not with us anymore. He was a great guy and strong runner, who always gave me good advice, especially during the Monikie Duathlon. 


4- And a last one†: What about Mark Gourlayís 10 mile runs†? 


5- The Spring Handicap is the best road race ever. The 2008 winner is a true champion, no arguments about it. 


6- Finally, being the ´†road captain†ª has been a great honour given. Many thanks. I really enjoyed organizing the routes each week.


Keep enjoying your runs



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