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Morag Taggart

I started running in the running boom of the eighties. There was a 'get you round' marathon schedule in a Sunday newspaper, so my first race was a marathon & very painful and not to be recommended! Soon after this I joined my local running club, which at that time was Aberdeen AAC. This was very much a track based club, although they did compete at cross country, which I soon learned to love and hate in equal measure. 


My next club, due to a move to Dunfermline, was Pitreavie AAC ñ also at that time very much involved in track running. I was, however, directed to their jogging section where I found I was training with men who regularly ran around 60 minutes for 10 miles ñ some joggers!


Carnegie Harriers road running club was set up in Dunfermline the early 90's, so I joined them, enjoying many hard training runs and outings to races. When I moved to Dundee in 1996, I joined 'The Hawks' and ran with them for a couple of years before switching to the Road Runners.


My first club nights with the Road Runners were from Lochee Swimming pool, and I remember the buzz of all the runners squashed into the quite small space of the reception area before heading off for our training. They were a friendly crowd and the thought of catching up on the latest running gossip and tales from races got me up to Lochee for a run regardless of the dark nights and/or horrible weather.


'Soup Runs' were an idea I had not come across at any of the other clubs I had run with, but I thought the combination of company on long Sunday runs, then homemade soup (and sometimes wine) afterwards was brilliant! 

My favourite races since moving to Dundee have probably been the Fife Series and the Elgin Marathon.  The Fife series have the advantage of being local(ish) and mid week. They are also run in some very picturesque parts of Fife, often off road and always undulating. It is worth trying these races if only to admire the kamikaze downhill running skills of some competitors!


I think I have become a bit of a fixture at the Elgin marathon, first running it over 20 years ago, then returning after a 10 year break from marathons. It is a really well organised race with beautiful scenery, run in combination with a half marathon and 10k event and being able to visit the loo 10 minutes before the start with no queue is a feature only runners would appreciate. 


In the 10 years I have run with Dundee Road Runners I have gained good friends in a new city,  been supported through hard training sessions and even harder races, gotten a bit older and slower but always had lots of fun. I think the motivation to run has to come from the individual, but the company and support of club mates who understand and share the hard work and weird stubbornness to run in all weathers, at all times of the day, in varying stages of health, hangover or fitness definitely makes it all much more enjoyable.


Best Times  10K  - 37.50

Half Marathon ñ 85 mins

Marathon ñ 3.01

2 Bridges  - 4.40 

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