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Evelyn Fairweather

I think it was 1985 I joined Dundee Road Runners with Sheila Carter. We had started running from beginner standard and after we ran a Dundee Council 10km from Balgay Park, we felt we could join the Road Runners as we had met a few and they were very friendly and encouraging. 


My highlight was winning a trophy for Most Improved Runner the year after I joined. It was made by Dave Mulligan and was a glass triangle set on a lovely wood base. I still have it to this day. 


I also served on the Runners Committee for a few years. 


I loved our bus trips to various venues, especially Inverness at the beginning of the season. I donít know if Frank Clark†remembers one return journey when we spotted the bus driver nodding off on the motorway back to Dundee. 


The men were very good too, always ensuring that one of the men would stay towards the back of the runs, especially on the dark winter evenings. The cross country season was also enjoyable - though not when we ran through mucky ploughed fields in Fife and also at Balwearie where quite a few members tended to lose a shoe in the deep wet muddy course. 


Another good memory was of our cycle outing . We all met by the Tay Road Bridge then cycled westwards past the airport, Invergowrie, Kingoodie, etc. to Errol, which finished with a long steep hill (great on the return journey though). We had reserved lunch in the local pub and we were fortunate that it was a lovely day. Living in Monifieth in total I worked out I had cycled 50 odd miles as there was the extra to get from and return to Monifieth from the Tay Bridge! 


The annual Templeton 10 mile races were great fun too, though a number of the years were very cold, sometimes foggy and dreich, but followed by lovely hot soup and sandwiches made by the women. The Forfar 15 mile road races were fun - though the coldest one was the year that some of the men ended with icicles hanging on their beards and ice on their eyebrows!

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