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Alan Kay

On a Sunday in the middle of March 1985 I was running from Dundee to Gauldry and as I was running through the car park at the Newport side of the bridge I met a man handing out water to some club runners, it was Charlie Anderson. I asked him if there were any seats on the bus for the Inverness half and there was. That was the start of my 24 years (up to now) as a Dundee Roadrunner.

One Tuesday night run I was late and so was Andy Kelly, Dave Roy turned up and told us he new the route the runners had taken and we three could follow them, WRONG! We ended up miles away running down the Coupar Angus road as it was getting dark, by the time we got back they were thinking about sending out a search party I was knackered. We never ran with him again.  At one time three groups would run on a Tuesday night and I would take the slower group I used to try to encourage them and one time I was with one of our newer members and I had used the Bloody Hell words when I was informed she was a nun, she didn't look or dress like a nun, but she was. I said sorry but she told me to keep talking the way I always had as she would be offended if I didn't. 


Over the years I've always been proud to be a road runner and have kept a diary right from the start and if I manage to run the 10 mile race this year (I've been injured for 9 months ) it will be 22 out of 24 races.  My first 10 mile road race in 1985 cost £3.50.   I took 71 minutes and was 187 out of 443 starters.  It always had a good turnout.


At the AGM in November 1985 the annual fees were £2.00 and the dance was £3.00.


Up to now Iíve run about 42,000 miles and done more races than I care to mention but my main race for the last few years has been the West Highland Way Race which I have completed 13 times and I'm entered for next year and I'll be 67 by then.  I'm not fast but I get there.


I hope the club continues for another 25 years and I will be proud to be a club member for as long as I can run.


Alan Kay

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