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Daniel Fields

I joined the club in July 1996. 


One thing I remember well about the club is when everybody used to meet at the Lochee baths and the different routes we used to do from there.


When I first joined the club I used to run with Gus or Alan and Kenny McLeod and Margaret Robertson.  I remember Alan giving me encouragement to keep going when I began to feel tired.  I started off doing 6 miles then gradually increased it to 8 then 10.


When I started going to the club on Thursday evening we trained on the streets round about the Law or Lochee Park and Balgay Hill.


My favourite memory of the club was when everybody went up on the bus to Inverness to run the half marathon and then going to the pub for a few drinks and something to eat afterwards. I remember having a laugh with Gus and Charlie.


I competed in the U.K. Special Olympics in Cardiff, ummer 2001. I won a bronze medal in the 5000 metres in a time of 18:45.

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