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Poem: Twenty Five Years On

Twenty-five years have gone and there's still Alison and Ron,

Ricky, Wilma and Charlie and Harry.

But there is now also Kevin, Daniel, Heidi and Steven,

A Michael, a Robert and Garry.


There is Sheila and Sue, and David times two,

Richard, Andrew and Morag and Jill.

There are Brians galore and a Gordon for sure.

Also Kenneth but sadly no Bill!


There is Freda and Jane, Barbara, Mary, Lorraine,

Jason, Gareth and Michael and Grant.

There is Erwan and John, the list goes on and on

But a rhyme for some names I just can't!


The club membership's steady and the runners are ready

And proud to put on the club vest.

So may I just say to the club of today

For your twenty-fifth year, all the best.



- Margaret Anderson

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