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Cath Henderson

In 1984 I watched my no-so-slim and not-so-fit work colleague run the Dundee Marathon. I decided that I could do that!   So, I started running, completed the 1985 Marathon and gave up!


In 1989 I decided to try this running again, so did the Dundee Roadrunners Templeton 10 race.  Not long after that I received a letter from DRR Club Secretary (Linda Caston) inviting me to join the club.  So bravely, I did.


I never was, nor will be much of a runner but Dundee Roadrunners became very important to me, mainly for the social scene!  Happy memories of:- the Inverness Half Marathon and the bus trip there and back (never mind the actual run!).  The non-stop chatting, laughing, singing, slagging off, the raffle, the bets on what our race times would be ñ the pub ñ then the silent journey home but for the munching of chips and pizzaÖ..the nausea, the sleepingÖÖ..  The trip to Kinghorn for the ìAuld Hoose Blackrock 5î ñ dressing up as bathing belles and water babies.


I worked my way up from Committee Member to Club Secretary during Ron McGillís reign as Chairman.  He inspired events such as round Tayside, Skyline Challenge, Wurzburg connections, 10 mile series and the wonderful Oban to Dundee jaunt! Etc etc.


I have so many fond memories of DRR Ö the fancy dress Christmas runs; the hysteria of the sandwich makers when making the million pieces for Templeton 10;  blowing up my cooker when I tried to make the massive pots of soup for Templeton 10; the daft training sessions; the anquish and pride of running for DRR especially in events such as Hartley Cup.


I have made many friends within Dundee Roadrunners : some of whom are sadly no longer with us ñ Gus and Stan. However, one DRR friend became my husband  thank-you Dundee Roadrunners!  Here's to another 25 years.

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