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Ken Peters

May 17th, 2008 and with three long miles ahead of me in The Loch Leven Half Marathon and virtually no training miles under my belt, I knew, positively knew, that up ahead was a long, hard slog - and you know what? I blamed it all on Dundee Roadrunners!


The story begins way back in 1986, that's 29,237 miles ago (yes, like most distance runners I am seriously addicted to the running diary which catalogues every race and every training mile of my spectacularly average running career).


1986, back in the days when we actually had summers which didn't consist of various degrees of rain, and on a whim, my wife and I decided to take part in the Auchtermuchty Festival road race. I mean what could be so difficult about a run through gorgeous countryside on a warm day, with friendly locals cheering us all on?


Well, surprise, surprise, no running shoes, no training and what turned out to be a run through Fife's version of the Himalayas soon provided the answer. But you know something? Despite everything, and to my own surprise, I loved every step. I was hooked. From then on, I was going to call myself a runner, even if very few others would ever share that opinion.


So, within days came my first visit to a sports shop for many years, a flashy new pair of running shoes and a sudden reluctance to eat quite so many chips and chicken tikkas as before.


Distance running has been part of my life ever since, although nowadays the distances are shorter and the time taken to cover the ground considerably longer. What can beat running through the beautiful (if hilly) countryside around Dundee, breathing the fresh country air, even if too often it comes complete with more than a whiff of eau du petrol.


But running, as we all know, can be a lonely pursuit and that's why I'll always be grateful for the support of Dundee Roadrunners, who provided the companionship of similarly mentally afflicted would-be athletes and an excuse not to cut the grass on a Tuesday evening!


The thing about the Roadrunners is that it has never been elitist, which you might have guessed since they welcomed me into the fold. Throughout the years, countless others have been similarly encouraged. What more would anybody want from a running club? So well done to every member throughout the years. They've all set targets, attained targets, missed

targets and had a ball along the way.


I wish the club well for the future.






I know you're all dying to know what time I achieved in the Kinross race (I use the term "achieved" loosely here). Well, first come the excuses. The race was my first since fracturing my skull three years before and yes, I can confirm they did find a brain when I got my scan (although my wife remains unconvinced to this day!), so the aim was merely to finish and if I could break two hours, it was time to break open the champagne!


Well, I crossed the line in a spectacular 1 hr 57 minutes 59 seconds, a mere 35 minutes slower than the last time I took part in that race... and you know what? It felt great!

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