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Wilma Davidson

Having watched the Dundee Marathon in 1984 I decided I would run it the next year.  Initially just to run one marathon, but having trained for six months and completed it, I was hooked.


I joined Dundee Road Runners in 1986 having been on one of their buses to the Glasgow Marathon.  I immediately liked their team spirit, encouraging everyone, being one of the slower runners it was great to have them supporting me at the end of the run.  Also the social side, stopping off on the way home for refreshments!!


In the early days there were numerous races, half marathons being the most popular. 10ks came along later to me and I have run quite a few but have never really enjoyed the shorter distance but they have become more appealing in the latter years!   Inverness being eagerly awaited as it was the first of the season and we met runners from all the other clubs.  We would have two full buses every year to Inverness.  You could pick and choose races during the summer months and I ran one most weekends for many years.  Cross country and hill running slowly crept into the running calendar and I tried both of these, not with much success I may add but I was always keen and encouraged by the Club to take part as they emphasised that it was not all about fast runners but taking part that mattered.   I particularly liked to be part of a team.


Having run over 100 half marathons best time of 1.37 and 19 full marathons best time of 3.38 my favourite race has to be The Two Bridges, 36 miles from Dunfermline to Rosyth.  I completed this in 5.40 and have to thank Ron McGill and Sue Pople for backing me which I could not have done without them, also to see Sandra Westgate jump up and down with tears of joy when she finished in just over 6 hours is something I will always remember. 


I always looked forward to Tuesday and Thursday training nights, running in a group on Tuesdays and the dreaded hills or speed work on a Thursday.  We used to run the hills from Perth Road to Blackness Road regularly in the winter and these were always killers but somehow in a group it did not seem too bad.  I can still see Frank Clark shouting at us half way up the hill, you did not dare not to run as fast as you could. 


I have many more memories of my time with Dundee Road Runners, too numerous to mention.  I have travelled all over Scotland, run up mountains, around lochs, over bridges, been to the Isles of Skye, Mull and Lewis, seen villages and towns I would never have thought of going to, and have run in many parts of the world - New York, Dublin, London, Wurzburg in Germany (although this was a 16k walk) and The Verdon Gorge in France (a bit of a disaster that one!). 


Apart from running, it is the friends I have met through the club who have since become lifelong friends that mean so much.  In particular Sue Pople (Roger) who has always been on hand to give encouragement.  Jim Moran for all his help in training and on race day, helping to pace me when aiming for a PB, Bob Woods who always enquired how my running was getting on and always gave encouragement especially when he flew past on a Tuesday night training run usually down Coupar Angus Road on the way back to Lochee Baths and of course last but not least, Ricky who I met at a race in Glen Clova (actually it was at the Ceilidh after the race) and then we married at Glen Clova a few years later, who helped me run ultras which became my favourite distance.   


All in all Dundee Road Runners have been a large part of my life over the last 20 years and hopefully will continue for many more to come.

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