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Lorraine Dunbar

I first joined DRR in 1995.  The reason I started running was down to my boyfriend (now my husband).  It was either Brian took up my hobby, which was cross-stitching or I took up running.  Somehow I couldn't see Brian sitting sewing!


The Club has been a rewarding and most of all enjoyable part of my Life.  I have challenged myself more than I thought I was capable of.  From 10k's to Ultra distance, the latter I just could not have imagined taking part in.  I'm not a competitive person but I've tried to better my running, and the only way to improve is by running in a group.  Through the Club I have certainly had bucket loads of encouragement and also made a lot of very good friends along the way.


A story I would like to share, and believe me I have had plenty (and compared to some members I am a relatively new member), has to be my first race, the "Smokies 10 mile" ladies only race.  I did most of my training with Wilma whom I met through the Club, and was encouraged and given advice on what to expect.  It was indeed a very friendly race, and once I started running you are just focused on the person ahead of you.  However I noticed in this race that when most of the women passed you (and quite a lot passed me) they spoke, just perhaps to say, ëtough courseí or basically ëhelloí.  Well I travelled along the route, and lo and behold I was catching up with a girl I would require to pass.  So as I did so, which incidentally it was taking me all my time to breath let alone talk, but hey you have to be sociable.  I greeted the girl I was passing, I think I said something like it being a very hilly course, and back came a retort in what I believe was French.  Trust me to choose someone who didn't speak English.  I just kept quiet after that.


There have been quite a number of characters in the Club during my time, but the person who stands out for me has to be Sue Pople.  For a runner to be of senior years she has the agility of a girl less than half her age.  Running with her over the Sidlaws earlier this year she ran like a fawn, and when it came to closed gates there she was up and over in the blink of an eye.  She absolutely bursts with energy and a great inspiration for any running club member old or new.


I cannot really say that I have aspired to be like anyone in the Club as I know my limitations, but there have been a number of members of the Club who have helped me enormously to achieve what I have done so far.  Ged and Charlie, all my week-end running partners (having again met through the Club) and not forgetting Brian, my husband, who after all is to blame for getting me into running in the first place.

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