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Bryan Henderson: The Devils Burden

The Devils Burdens        Saturday 2nd February 2002


The team had been selected and Dougie and I found out the Thursday before the event that we were to be doing the third stage.


Saturday arrived and we headed off to Falkland where we met up with all the other Dundee Roadrunners (all three of them).


Gus and Sally set off on stage one and the rest of the team drove round to the first changeover to meet them. Paul started his warm up while waiting for Gus and Sally and must have covered about three miles running up and down the road. When they arrived, Paul disappeared like a flash on his stage clutching Gusís race number as Gus had lost the clip card and used his number for clipping at the checkpoints.


The trusty threesome (myself Dougie and Daniel) headed to the second changeover where Dougie and I got ready to start. We had no sooner  got organised, when  Paul came hurtling down the hill. Off we went on our great adventure, two minutes into our stage and we lost the route almost immediately. We picked the route up again and trundled through knee high heather to the bottom of the West Lomond, where we crawled up the side of it in the howling gale, until we reached the top. Now came the easy part, I ran down the other side, while Dougie rolled down to the end of  our stage. Feeling fairly chuffed we had survived, we were running towards the changeover looking for Daniel who was standing ready to run (?) still wearing his jumper and jacket. These were soon ripped off him, and he left on the final stage.


All of us (myself and Dougie) gathered at the finish to cheer Daniel on at the end. As he came sprinting in, he failed to notice the end and had to be chased by the timekeeper.


Another great event for Dundee Roadrunners, as we werenít last. We would also like to thank all the club members for taking the time to come along to support us - the only Club Team.


                                Bryan Henderson

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