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Grand prix

The club's Grand Prix consists of a number of races, chosen by the committee to provide a range of terrains and distances, and races which we know to be good, well organised, fun events. For each race in which you run, you are awarded points, gaining more points for positioning better in the race results. The main aim of the Grand Prix is to help get lots of DRRs out to the same events together, to have fun and get a bit of friendly intra-club competition.

There are prizes for the top 3 Male and Female finishers over the series and there will a momento for everyone who manages to complete the challenge. There are also prizes for finishing first in an age category, with your category being the one which you were in on the date of the first Grand Prix race of the year.

The 2022 Grand Prix consists of 10 races. Of these, you must either complete 6 races, or you can complete 5 and one marathon(**) of your choice.   Good luck everyone!  

- March 13th Inverness HM/5k OR 20th Alloa HM

Members can count either one of the Inverness races or Alloa. Results from the HM races will be combined and ranked after Alloa. If a member is running both Inverness and Alloa HMs, they must advise Committee which race they wish to count towards Grand Prix before the first race. A member running Inverness 5k cannot count Alloa HM in their Grand Prix.

- April 23rd UK Running Series Hill of Tarvit Run 5k OR 10k

Members can choose either of the 5k or 10k race as part of the Grand Prix.

- May 8th Tay Ten
- May 14th Norman's Law Hill Race
- June 8th Hill of Tarvit
- June 25th 5 Mile Road Race Ceres Highland Games
- July 6th Brig Bash 5 Mile Race
- August 16th Ceres 8 Road Race
- September 11th Stirling 10k
- October TBC Giffordtown 5k

** Please note that for a marathon to count for the Grand Prix in any year, it must be run between the first and the last of the 10 Grand Prix races for that year**


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