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Here is the link to the new tail runner rota. It is based on those members who stated when renewing their membership that they were willing to tail run. If you can’t make your date please effect a swop. I shall send a reminder at the end of each month to those tail running the following month. It is also posted in the ‘news’ section of Team App And on the Facebook page!Arlvf95qP83Ggo9aPoKR68zYg3obIQ

Awards Night 2018

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Congratulations to everyone who was on stage receiving one of the coveted DRR prizes this year… 2018 has certainly seen some outstanding performances! Sadly there don't seem to be any photos of the prize giving so I've used a picture of what seems to be one of the evening's highlights instead. 

In no particular order (as Dec would say)  huge shout outs go to the following runners for their speediness:



David Aitken wins the Club 5 Mile Race trophy – with a huge 10.77% improvement in his time from last year.



Robbie Dunlop smashed 3 hours at Manchester, coming home in a ridiculously speedy 2:48:42 while slightly closer to home, Michelle Bruce ran Stirling in an extremely impressive 3:04:57.



Chris Earle and Anwen Darling were the prize winners here for their Inverness half marathon times of 1:18:53 and 1:24:36 respectively.


The most improved DRR at this new event was Malcolm Forbes – well done!



Showing their prowess at shorter distances and taking home another trophy each for their performances at Forfar – congratulations to Chris Earle (36:01) and Michelle Bruce (37:59).



Paul Reed faced heat and hills (and perhaps a hippo?)  in Kenya at what proved to be an eventful and challenging race - well done for running and for raising so much money for a great cause, Paul!



Clova is the club annual half marathon championship – well done to our speedy winners – Malcolm O’Connell (1:24:01) and Alison McNeilly (1:31:49) who has set PB after PB this year!



Oh wow – this prize sparked much debate because so many DRRs have trained hard and seen enormous improvements in race times across the distances.  Fiona Plain won the prize for the ladies and the men’s category was so close that we made the unprecedented decision of awarding this title to both Matt Hooper and Chris Sevier -Guy.   Well done to all three of you – it’s great to see what can be achieved with focus and hard work. 


We’re all thrilled that more and more of us are getting involved with the annual Grand Prix competition.  An astonishing 135 of us ran at least one of the GP events while 40 of us completed the series.  Both categories were hotly contested with the top three spots changing pretty much month on month, with all to play for at Clova…. Chris Sevier-Guy, Matt Buck and Martin Hutchinson were first/second/third for the men while Jennifer Massie, Fiona Callaghan and Alison McNeilly were the ladies’ prize winners.  Well done guys…  running consistently well for the entire year while avoiding injury is an achievement in itself!!!

Templeton Trail Race 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday night for our annual trail race. We were blessed with another year of good weather, and saw a record turnout of runners.

Special thank you to all our helpers and marshals on the night, and to those who brought along baking.

We really hope you all enjoyed the run. Our next race will be the Templeton 10 Mile Race on November 4th. Entries for this will be opening soon!

Templeton Trail Race Winners

Grand Prix Race #3 - Norman's Law 28th April - by Margaret Gamble

This race was a chance to get off road and ‘enjoy’ a scenic trail run up and down Norman’s Law.  Organised each year by Fife AC,  the race starts by the cow sheds in the pretty village of Luthrie.  Encouraged by the fact that the race was advertised as a hill race suitable for novice hill runners I and 23 other DRRs took part out of a total number of 185 runners. 

normans law 1

After a quick and efficient registration and a brief explanation of the route - ie find your own way up and down but dire warnings about entering certain fields containing livestock we were off at a rapid pace along a straight flat single track road - so far so good!  A sharp left took us to the first path, climbing stea

dily upwards along a stony bridleway.   Terrain was as you would expect and leg sapping but luckily not too muddy.   After about 2 km the path descended - um, not quite as nice as you would think as very soon the grassy slopes of Norman’s Law towered above us and the only way forward was UP.....Navigating was not an issue as we soon all fell into a long single file and as running became impossible it turned into the fastest hike up a hill I have ever done!  Gasping at the top by the Cairn I was looking forward to admiring the views but as at least 20 runners leapt past hurtling down the other side I decided I had better get a move on.  Running downhill is hard - my brain insisted on firmly applying the brakes and I could only admire others as they tiptoed down the slope at alarming speeds.  Some runners cut off a corner quite legitimately but I decided to stay with the majority and enjoy the run back along the path eventually joining the outward straight stretch and finish at the cow sheds. 

A brilliant little race, exhausting, fun and a great introduction to hill running. Can thoroughly recommend it. 



1st placed Male : Logan Rees, Fife AC 29:57

normans law 2

1st placed Female : Heather Anderson, Fife AC 35:27

The full list of DRR results follow:  

25 Kevin Greig:  36:3534 Neil Craig:     37:5236 Martin Hutchinson;  38:04
39  Matt Hooper:  38:53
41 David Miller:  39:11
51  Jon Cherry: 39:5454 Jim Morton:  39:58
56 Dominic Williams:  40:07
62 Elaine Omand: 40:29
65 Duncan Edward: 41:01
67 Fiona Callaghan: 41:10
91 Fiona Plain: 43:02
93 John Tierney: 43:1297 Alex Jarrett: 43:46
112 Martin Rollo: 44:55
119 Margaret Gamble: 45:22
129 Grant Robertson: 46:11
133 John Irving 46:33
140 Lisa Carr: 47:52
141 John Mill: 48:26
160 Julie Greig: 51:33
162 Josh McKay: 51:43
165 Ron Fraser: 52:01169 Steve Archibald: 54:20

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