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Here is the link to the new tail runner rota. It is based on those members who stated when renewing their membership that they were willing to tail run. If you can’t make your date please effect a swop. I shall send a reminder at the end of each month to those tail running the following month. It is also posted in the ‘news’ section of Team App And on the Facebook page!Arlvf95qP83Ggo9aPoKR68zYg3obIQ

EMF Marathon 2019 - Race Report by Michelle Bruce

Edinburgh Marathon

I am definitely a one Marathon a year type runner. Once I decided which race to run, the next decision was to decide my marathon pace and tailor my training around it. Edinburgh was to be my mission sub 3. Coming off the back of the success I had with Stirling Marathon last year, I thought there was no better time to aim for this goal. I would love to race a Marathon abroad, but if I train in Scotland’s climate, it’s safer to just race there too!

Fellow runners probably look at my Strava and think I don’t run enough and compared to a lot of runners, I really don’t. However, the balance of the swimming, cycling and running helps me more than anything. I’ve never had an injury (touch wood) and it keeps my training interesting as it is pretty much always different.

So training in the lead up to Edinburgh Marathon had gone well. I ran my long runs slower than MP, but still quick enough that I was putting some hard miles in. My runs through the week also included a speed session, an easy run and some miles that featured my chosen MP and target Heart Rate.

As my race at Stirling went to plan (and beyond), I used last year's training as a guide and kept things quite similar. If it worked before there would be no reason why it couldn’t work again.

The weeks of training were finally over and it was time for race day!

I get really nervous before I race. I usually put a tonne of pressure on myself to do well and because I had the sub 3 looming over me, the nerves ended up being 10 times worse. On the way through to the race I had a 20minute nap, then Lewis suggested I put music on to gee me up but music made me very emotional! The nerves were bad, but from past experience the nerves are what always get you through the race. Nerves give you that extra boost to get going, so I knew I just had to ride it out

Michelle Bin Bag.


We made our way to the start area and I went to the toilet 3 times as did every other runner there I imagine! The rain was pelting down, and everyone was wrapping themselves up in bin bags to have a little extra insulation and escape from the rain. With about 3 minutes before the start, bin bags started flying around everywhere. We even saw a spectator almost get hit in the face with one! At this point, there is no going back!

I was in the red pen which was second to go off at 10am! I think the first 4k was my favourite as we ran through the streets of Edinburgh. It was also the most downhill part of the course!

Michelle Lets Go

Once we made it on to the flat section I could concentrate more on running to pace and HR. 4.15min/km (also where I’m a weird runner as I work in kms!) and a HR of 188. If my HR was to go over too soon, I would be in trouble.

I was able to sit at my pace and HR for the first 8 miles feeling pretty comfortable. I then started to see my HR creep up, 190, 192, 193. It was far too early for this to be happening! I then saw Lewis at the 12 mile point and was able to give him my arm warmers as the heat was definitely starting to rise! I told him my HR and he told me I needed to back off. From this point onwards I just got slower and slower and my HR didn’t really budge. I now knew that I just needed to enjoy the race. However, my legs started hurting and getting increasingly heavy which made it difficult to enjoy.

At the turn around point which was around 11km or so to go, the wind just hit you in the face, it didn’t even feel like we had that much of a tail wind on the way out! There were so many points on the way back I just wanted to walk. I told myself if I see Lewis I can stop for a bit, but he didn’t appear until around 6km to go! It probably wasn’t a good idea to walk, as I just wanted to keep walking. I reckon I stopped around 4 or 5 times from that point onwards to walk for a bit. I have never walked in a race, so this was hard for me.

At the final 3km I figured I’m as well just pushing through and running, the quicker I do this, the quicker I’m finished!

The final km was awesome. People everywhere just screaming my name. It was exactly what I needed as it was the fastest km I had ran in about 10km or so.

Even though the time on the finish chute was no where near what I wanted, the finish line feeling is still the same. Relief!


I’m definitely not the first person this has happened to and I wish I could say I know what it was that went wrong but I really don’t. We all have good days and bad days in this game but it will be a while until a tackle another marathon.

Although I said I found it difficult to enjoy – don’t let that put you off from thinking about entering this one. I thought the support throughout was fantastic, the route was nice and flat and there was never a point you were on your own. It’s just a shame you don’t get to run through Edinburgh more as like I said, running through the city streets was my favourite part. It was great to see fellow DRRs Morag and Russell along the course and a couple of people shouted on me but I didn’t see who they were! I was also gutted that Lynne had to pull out due to back issues, take care Lynne! All Road Runners ran under 4 hours – awesome!

Chris Sevier-Guy – 3hr 4m 35s

Michelle Bruce – 3hr 22m 18s

Russell Craig – 3hr 24m 42s

Kate Mcintosh – 3hr 28m 21s

Abby McAinsh – 3hr 41m 12s

Morag Taggart - 3hr 49m 8s

Robert Gray – 3hr 54m 48s


Things don’t always go to plan, and that’s okay. My legs are in a terrible mess today, so at least that tells me for sure I tried my best 😊

John Mcinally Race

Congratulations to our John McInally Race Winners Mark Bell & Jennifer Massie.

Also Category prize winners - Graeme Brown, David Stewart, David Rodley, Alison McNeilly, Heather Ballantyne & Barbara Brown.

Full results:

1 Mark Bell 00:38:16
2 Graeme Brown 00:40:13
3 Matty Low 00:40:17
4 Matt Buck 00:40:52
5 David Stewart 00:42:02
6 David miller 00:42:31
7 Marcus Sheridan 00:42:32
8 Michael Mitchell 00:42:33
9 Duncan Edward 00:42:34
10 Jennifer Massie 00:44:12
11 Michael Royden 00:44:27
12 Alison McNeilly 00:45:02
13 David Rodely 00:45:15
14 Roy McKandie 00:45:28
15 Kate McIntosh 00:45:42
16 John Mill 00:46:30
17 John McIntosh 00:46:38
18 Stewart Spain 00:46:47
19 Phil Forte 00:46:52
20 Fiona Canavan 00:47:03
21 Fiona Callaghan 00:48:45
22 David Dunleavey 00:49:30
23 Martin Rollo 00:50:03
24 Harry Kay 00:50:08
25 Malcolm Forbes 00:50:08
26 Janet Murray 00:51:21
27 HeidI Fettes 00:51:38
28 Shaun Anderson 00:52:21
29 Josh McKay 00:52:28
30 Heather Ballantyne 00:53:45
31 Sally Ibbotson 00:54:16
32 Hilary Brown 00:57:40
33 John Rudd 00:59:16
34 Pauline McKay 00:59:21
35 Julie Greig 00:59:21
36 Victoria Simpson 01:00:31
37 Ursula Ryder 01:05:42
38 Barbara Brown 01:08:32

Strathkinnes - Blebo Craigs Race - Rachel Callaghan

Last Wednesday 22 road runners ventured across the water to Fife to compete in the second race of the popular Fife AC Midweek Series. The 4.5 mile race, falling somewhere in the spectrum of ‘pleasantly undulating’ to ‘hilly’, is run over mixed terrain and posed a pre-race conundrum of optimum footwear. The good conditions meant that lovely views over the Eden estuary could be enjoyed by those with enough energy at the top of the last climb.

The race was won by Kieran Cooper of St Andrews University in 24:02 and Heather Anderson of Fife AC was first female finisher with a time of 28:38. There were some impressive performances by road runners throughout the field, with Mark Bell coming in 4th overall in a super-speedy time of 26:14, followed by Matty Low in 13th and Martin Hutchinson in 18th place.

Equally strong races were had by Dundee women, lead home by Jennifer Massie who sped her way round to a course PB of 30:36 and 5th female finisher, backed up by Alison McNeillly in 6th and Elaine Omand in 8th.

Further down the field Fiona Callaghan regained sibling bragging rights following her defeat on the slopes of Normans Law a few days previously and scooping a course PB in process. Notable performances were also had by Sarah Young and Grant Whyttock, competing less than a week after representing the club in the London Marathon.

Congratulation to everyone who competed - full DRR results are below. Next the series delves deeper into Fife with the Hill of Tarvit race in Ceres, good luck to all competing.

Mark Bell 26.14

Matthew Low 28.43

Martin Hutchinson 29.23

David Miller 30.05

Jennifer Massie 30.36

Jim Morton 30.40

Alison McNeilly 31.04

Elaine Omand 32.08

Fiona Callaghan 33.06

John Mill 33.09

Fiona Canavan 33.18

Rachel Callaghan 33.23

Gillian Sangster 33.29

Morag Taggart 34.10

David Dunleavey 34.50

Martin Rollo 35.38

Grant Whytock 36.18

Lorraine Dunbar 36.53

Sarah Young 37.49

George Steel 37.51

Daniel Fields 39.11

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